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Welcome to Custom Dry Docks

We design each and every Dry Dock to suit your boating needs. Whether you have a jet ski /jet boat or any style of boat up to 26 foot in length, we can supply you with a modular system that gets your boat out of the water in seconds. To return your boat or jet ski to the water, you simply reverse off – it’s that easy! You can see how easy it is by watching these boat and jet ski videos

With no moving parts or power required there is nothing to maintain or service.

Custom Dry Docks can change with you and your boating needs. If you change your boat, buy a jetski or tinnie and need a larger dry dock, simply add more floats to your existing Custom Dry Dock.View our boat and jet ski products here.

If you have a fixed jetty our pile guides,sea bed and anchors are used to connect the Custom Dry Dock to your jetty.

If you need to move house, you can just tow the dock with you, making it great for home renters as well as owners.

Whether you need a dock with walkways or simply want the boat out of the water, we have the right Custom Dry Dock to suit your needs.

Jet Ski Docks

Boat Docks

Pontoon Fenders

How it works!

This system keeps your boat dry and is easy and safe to use.

Simply drive on and off – no need for pumps or air hoses which means low maintenance and no stressful breakdowns.

Your boat and leg will be out of the water and because these Dry Docks are modular, you only pay for what you need. If you just want to keep your boat dry, no problem. If you want to be able to walk around it to clean it, that can be done too.

We can deliver Australia wide – Cairns to Sydney, Melbourne to Adelaide, Perth to Darwin and everywhere in-between.

All Custom Dry Docks purchased come with a three year written warranty. If you live on the Gold Coast we can install it for you, otherwise it’s quite simple to do it yourself. We’ll even show you how to drive your boat or jet ski on and off the Custom Dry Dock. Click here for a quote.

Our display is located at Paradise Point by appointment only. Please call Darren on 0418 516 240.