Make a Long-Term Plan for Storing Your Jet Ski, with a Drive-on Docking System from Custom Dry Docks

When you buy a jet ski, you’re investing in hopefully years’ worth of water sport fun. To get the most out of your jet ski, though, you must have a suitable docking solution: something that gets it out of the water and protects it from the wear and tear of salt water and grime. At Custom Dry Docks, our jet ski docks in … read more.

Get a Jet Ski Dock You Can Take with You; Try the Drive-on Docking System from Australia’s Custom Dry Docks

Docking systems tend to be big, heavy, cumbersome and unwieldy—not characteristics that make for a smooth move. If you are looking for a more ‘portable’ jet ski dock in Australia, though, look no further than Custom Dry Docks. … read more.

In the Market for a Custom Boat Dry Dock in Gold Coast? Count on Custom Dry Docks

Are you having trouble finding a dry-docking solution that is the right size for your jet ski or boat? With Custom Dry Docks, this kind of pain point is a thing of the past. We sell modular, custom boat docks in Gold Coast and throughout Australia. Whether you need a small, compact docking solution for a jet ski … read more.

Boat Dry Docks in Brisbane: The Easiest Way to Clean and Manage Your Boat

A boat is a sizeable investment. Whether you go the powerboat route or opt for a beautiful, classic sailboat, you are putting a lot of money into that vessel. Taking good care of the boat—and making sure it always looks as beautiful as it did the day you bought it—is important for multiple reasons. Not only … read more.

Exploring the Benefits of Floating Dry Docks for Sale in Australia

A boat is an incredible asset to have for recreation. Whether it’s exploring a river for the best fishing spots or adventuring out into the ocean, boating provides opportunities you wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise. Safeguarding your ability to enjoy those activities is therefore important, and one of the most … read more.

Which Floating Dry Docks for Sale in Gold Coast Should You Choose?

Investing in a boat isn’t a one-time event; it’s an ongoing process that often lasts for as long as you own one. There’s the initial purchase, of course, but then there’s maintenance, accessories, upgrades, and more. It can be a lot to contend with, but in the end, it’s worth the effort because of what your boat … read more.

Choose Modular Floating Boat Docks for Superior Performance and Convenience

When the weather is good and the time is right, there are few activities as thoroughly enjoyable as boating. Weather can change, though, and time can run out, thus the ability to get into the water quickly and easily is essential. Likewise, your docking solution should offer the same level of convenience when … read more.

Three Reasons to Consider Modular Dock Systems, the Easier Way to Dry Dock

Removing your boat from the water between excursions carries with it several benefits, such as protecting your investment from harsh weather conditions and keeping the hull in pristine condition. How you remove it from the water, though, and where it remains in between outings — that may not … read more.

Dry Dock Your Boat on the Sunshine Coast for Easy Maintenance

No one likes to clean. It’s tedious and backbreaking, and the rewards seem superficial. Yet the care you take of your possessions ensures they last at least for your lifetime or use. Performing maintenance and cleaning on your boat is so much easier when it’s out of the water, and you have a solid surface to work. … read more.

A Boat Dry Dock on Airlie Beach Makes Maintenance Easier

Trying to perform maintenance on your boat while it’s bobbing in the water makes the task harder. With a boat dry dock on Airlie Beach, you can stabilise the vessel providing a stable surface for maintenance. Custom Dry Docks can create a dry dock system that is easy to set up and provides the stability required … read more.

Looking for a New Boat Docking Solution in Cairns? Consider a Dry Dock from Custom Dry Docks

Are you shopping for a new docking solution for your boat (or boats)? Whether you are replacing your existing dock or just bought your first boat and need a way to store it safely out of the water, Custom Dry Docks can help. For five years we have been offering a compelling alternative to the typical docking … read more.

Custom Dry Docks: Your Source for Do It Yourself Boat Docks and DIY Boat Bumpers on the Gold Coast

Do you want a boat docking solution that is easy to get in and out of the water without needing help? When you choose Custom Dry Docks, you get precisely this type of do it yourself boat dock on the Gold Coast. Our docks are extremely easy to put in and take out on a DIY basis, making your start-of-season … read more.